Bitter Grounds is a four-piece punk and ska band formed in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 2015. Fueled by a sense of angst and underground musical aggression, the band distinguishes itself by perfectly balancing melody and grit, delivering a unique mixture of high energy punk rock and raw pounding ska songs, without losing sight of the essentials of good songwriting. Bitter Grounds makes dynamic use of alternating dual vocals, backed up by straightforward guitars, edgy solos, and pumping bass lines and drums. Lyrically the band doesn’t subscribe to any particular world-view. Independent in the truest sense, the band doesn’t conform to anything or anyone.

In April 2016 Bitter Grounds recorded their 11-track debut album Hollowlands with engineer and producer Menno Bakker at the Amsterdam Recording Company (ARC). This record was received enthusiastically by critics and fans as a “breath of fresh air”, and as something that had been missing in punk for a long time. The album got great reviews as “one of the most varied and innovative punk rock albums of the past few years” and was praised as an “instant classic”.

Bitter Grounds has made quite a name for itself since then. Playing shows throughout Europe with bands like The Real McKenzies and The Interrupters, the band then intensified its schedule by playing popular festivals like Punk Rock Holiday (SL) and Nice ‘n’ Sleazy (UK). With a new album due out on October 5th, 2018, and even more exciting shows lined up, Bitter Grounds will keep winning hearts and minds with their aggressive yet infectious tunes!


Two Sides of Hope is the strong follow-up to Bitter Grounds’ debut album Hollowlands. Recording at the Amsterdam Recording Company again with their friend and engineer/producer Menno Bakker, Bitter Grounds hit the studio in December 2017 to record nine songs that form the new album. Two Sides of Hope picks up where Hollowlands left off, adding even catchier sing-along melodies and to-the-point songwriting, while retaining that dark streetpunk vibe, aspects that have come to define the Bitter Grounds sound.

Despite the hooks and melodies, a brooding sense of misery lingers throughout the record, as Bitter Grounds once more translates frustration and anxiety into hard-hitting sound waves. The nine tracks cover anything from personal topics like hopelessness, angst, fear and bottled-up rage to broader socio-politial commentaries. The songs never devolve into simple reactionary slogans, however, and the lyrics always retain a sense of ambivalence.


American Oi! (NL): “Punk, ska and dirty reggae melts both energy and anxiety perfectly together, making “Hollowlands” a highly addictive rollercoaster ride you just keep on listening to!”

Away From Life (DE) (translated from German): “Bitter Grounds present great singalong punk rock with an offbeat attack and, with ‘Hollowlands’, present one of the most varied and innovative punk rock albums of the past few years, which really never gets boring.”

Colorado Punk Rock Army (USA): “This album is like a breath of fresh air for punk rock and ska. […] This band from the Netherlands will get your head moving and brain thinking again.”

Crazy United (DE) (Translated from German): “Since the 90s [the guys in Bitter Grounds] have been playing punk rock and ska in various bands, either together or separately. With this new band, they start things off at an incredibly high level.”

Dying Scene (USA): “The 11-track record is classic”

Issue Punk Zine (UK): ”…this particular CD is fantastic. […] I really can’t overstate how good the production qualities are and what a pleasure it is to listen to.”

Out of Step fanzine (BE): “With its rough around the edges and raw streetpunk sound mixed with ska and reggae, Bitter Grounds offer a very attractive, addictive and divers sound from melodic punk rock fury to more soulful reggae vibes. Spiced up with a dose of frustration, anxiety, … it gives the songs a darker vibe, unlike the more traditional skapunk, leaving a bitter taste in your mouth at times. I hope this band has a good future ahead because this debut is certainly well done.”

OX fanzine (DE) (Translated from German): “…the level here is consistently high. Above all, they do not play this talentless bouncy ska-punk, which was so badly rampant in the nineties. […] A class band with inspired lyrics – I hope these Dutchmen will often find their way into nearby Germany in the future.”

Punk Online (UK): “Make no mistake, these boys are damn good. We listened to a number of excellent albums in 2016 but this one from Bitter Grounds is right up there with the best of them.”

Upstarter (USA): “Boom! Ska-tinged punk rock fired like a rocket out of Netherlands. […] 11 smashing tracks that are simultaneously, a breath of fresh air, and a nod to late 90’s punk / ska punk. […] Check this shit out. It’s got all things that are good.”






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Dinter – Guitar/Vocals

Ronald – Guitar/Vocals

Daan – Bass/Backing Vocals

Peter – Drums