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Bitter Grounds is a four-piece punk rock and ska band formed in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 2015. Fueled by 90s angst and underground aggression, the band distinguishes itself by perfectly balancing melody and grit, Bitter Grounds delivers a unique mixture of high energy punk rock and raw, pounding ska songs. Dynamic, alternating dual vocals, in-your-face guitars, edgy solos and pumping bass and drums complete the picture. Lyrically the band doesn’t subscribe to any particular world-view. Independent in the truest sense, the band doesn’t conform to anything or anyone.

In April 2016 Bitter Grounds recorded their 11-track debut album ‘Hollowlands’ with engineer and producer Menno Bakker at the Amsterdam Recording Company. The record was received enthusiastically by critics and fans as a “breath of fresh air”, and as something that they’ve been missing in punk for a long time. The album got great reviews as one “of the most varied and innovative punk rock albums of the past few years” and was praised as an “instant classic”.

Bitter Grounds have made quite a name for themselves since then. Playing their first shows throughout Europe with bands like The Real McKenzies and The Interrupters, the band intensified its schedule by playing popular festivals like Punk Rock Holiday (SL) and Nice ‘n’ Sleazy (UK). With their second full-length album scheduled for summer 2018, and even more exciting shows lined up, Bitter Grounds will keep winning hearts and minds with their aggressive yet infectious tunes!



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Nextpunk Records (CH)

Bad Granola Records (UK)

Aggrobeat Records (NL)

Mass Productions Records (FR)


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Video Two Sides (of Hope)

Video Struck Out

Video Radio Silence

Video Life of Violence

Video Tell Me Now


Bitter Grounds is:

Dinter – Guitar/Vocals

Ronald – Guitar/Vocals

Daan – Bass/Backing Vocals

Peter – Drums