First reviews are in…

‘Hollowlands’ is already getting some great reviews. Check out some quotes below!


American Oi! (NL): “Punk, ska and dirty reggae melts both energy and anxiety perfectly together, making “Hollowlands” a highly addictive rollercoaster ride you just keep on listening to!”


Away From Life (DE) (translated from German): “Bitter Grounds present great singalong punk rock with an offbeat attack and, with ‘Hollowlands’, present one of the most varied and innovative punk rock albums of the past few years, which really never gets boring.”


Colorado Punk Rock Army (USA): “This album is like a breath of fresh air for punk rock and ska. […] This band from the Netherlands will get your head moving and brain thinking again.”


Crazy United (DE) (Translated from German): “Since the 90s [the guys in Bitter Grounds] have been playing punk rock and ska in various bands, either together or separately. With this new band, they start things off at an incredibly high level.”


Dying Scene (USA): “The 11-track record is classic”


Issue Punk Zine (UK): ”…this particular CD is fantastic. […] I really can’t overstate how good the production qualities are and what a pleasure it is to listen to.”


Out of Step fanzine (BE): “With its rough around the edges and raw streetpunk sound mixed with ska and reggae, Bitter Grounds offer a very attractive, addictive and divers sound from melodic punk rock fury to more soulful reggae vibes. Spiced up with a dose of frustration, anxiety, … it gives the songs a darker vibe, unlike the more traditional skapunk, leaving a bitter taste in your mouth at times. I hope this band has a good future ahead because this debut is certainly well done.”


OX fanzine (DE) (Translated from German): “…the level here is consistently high. Above all, they do not play this talentless bouncy ska-punk, which was so badly rampant in the nineties. […] A class band with inspired lyrics – I hope these Dutchmen will often find their way into nearby Germany in the future.”


Punk Online (UK): “Make no mistake, these boys are damn good. We listened to a number of excellent albums in 2016 but this one from Bitter Grounds is right up there with the best of them.”


Upstarter (USA): “Boom! Ska-tinged punk rock fired like a rocket out of Netherlands. […] 11 smashing tracks that are simultaneously, a breath of fresh air, and a nod to late 90’s punk / ska punk. […] Check this shit out. It’s got all things that are good.”


And – for the sake of balance – yes, there was also a relatively neutral review. To each their own, of course, so here it is below.


Punk Rock Theory (BE): While there really isn’t anything bad to say about songs like the Rancid-esque “Human Touch” or the melodic punk of “Life Of Violence”, I would like to hear them switch gears within the same song as well. [Sorry, we won’t – BG] Now it’s either one or the other, which definitely isn’t bad, but it makes for a less cohesive album. 

In short, “Hollowlands” is a decent album that shows a band with more than enough skills, but also a band still looking for a sound that is all their own. Seeing as they managed to crank out a full-length with some solid tuneage in less than a year, I’m sure they will get there soon enough.